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You overheard a discussion between your fiance and her family about who they would eat next and realise their family is full of cannibals! 
This leaves you with only one path to take - cold blooded murder! 

Join Jed on his journey of escape throughout the city while attempting to murder as many cannibals as he can. 

Gameplay video:


  • A stat system allowing you to customise your HP and damage
  • 4 levels of cannibal murder
  • Local high-score
  •  A short narrative arc as Jed moves across the city


  • W - Move up
  • A - Move left 
  • S - Move down 
  • D - Move right
  • R - Reload
  • LMB - Shoot
  • Cursor location - aim

System Requirements:

  • A Computer running Windows, preferably Windows 10 for maximum compatibility 
  • A keyboard and mouse


  • Grave markers by AntumDeluge
  • Music by Komiku
  • Blood-FX by ISS
  • Brick by alpha_rats 
  • Wood Texture Floor by Antonio Neves
  • Vary Car Pack 1 by Lowder2
  • Wooden Bencehs by AntumDeluge
  • Enemies by RileyGombart
  • Porsche 911 Carrera 1998 by TituroFox
  • Football pitch by Amon
  • Flowers by Lanea Zimmerman 'Sharm' and contributer  William.ThompsonJ
  • Trees by Tap
  • RTS_Crate by Cpt_Flash
  • Hero by RileyGombart 
  • Bullet by Bevouliin.com
  • Roads by HC

Known Issues:

  1. Occasionally on restart it will start on level 2
  2. HP and DPS multipliers do not reset
  3. Local high-score only saves while application is open
  4. Audio will layer on top of itself for each iteration into main menu
  5. Audio will begin after finishing the game even if toggled off

Patch Notes 23/05/18:

  • Changed UI text size
  • Added feedback when you receive damage from a cannibal
  • Stopped background audio from multiplying


  • Add collectables (Easter eggs, health packs, guns..)
  • Idle, movement and damage taken animations for the hero
  • Idle, movement and damage taken animations for the enemies
  • Player damage audio
  • Enemy damage audio
  • Bosses
  • Weapon variety
  • A* Pathfinding
  • Death audio
  • Battlefield scarring
  • Arena gameplay mode


Bloodletting.zip 28 MB